Company creates baby shoes that can dissolve in water

Company creates baby shoes that can dissolve in water

This company has created durable baby shoes that can be dissolved by boiling them in water once your child has outgrown them.

Source: Jesse Milliken/YouTube

Woolybubs founders Jesse and Megan Milliken started the Portland, Oregon-based company because they felt guilty about how often they threw away clothes that were too big for their three children. They knew all those clothes would end up in the landfill, so they decided to do something about it.

They developed the revolutionary biodegradable baby shoe that can dissolve in boiling water. Geek Wire reported that Jesse previously spent 15 years at Nike creating and innovating products while Megan worked as a program manager at CLEAResult. They took their skills and experiences to create the Woolybubs in January 2020.

The shoes are made from a water-soluble plastic called polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which uses less energy and water than other textile productions, the company says. The company is Oeko-Tex 100 certified to ensure the dissolved solution is non-toxic and safe to pour down the drain.

The company claims that more than 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away every year.

Woolybubs currently offers three products, the Newbie, Toddle and Woolybub. At the moment, only the Newbie can dissolve, while the other models are sewn with thread made from discarded plastic. All shoes can also be sent back to the company to be recycled again.

We need to preserve our planet! 13 million tons of clothes end up in our landfills and fast fashion has changed the way we think about clothes. It’s always best to recycle clothes and go to thrift stores or thrift stores when looking for new clothes. The recent the thrift store boom reduces the impact of fashion on the planet and showing that second-hand shoppers are eco-conscious and savvy, not just “hipsters”!

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